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Trade war hurting commodities – Bismarck Tribune

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I see that we will be paying for another President Donald Trump trip to Fargo to give us advice. How many thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars does it take to bring him here? I find it hard to believe hard-working people here will listen to someone and put up $1,000 of their hard earned money for political purposes. There are far too many dollars spent telling us how to vote. Trump has so little understanding of what he is imposing on us with his tariffs on steel and aluminum. This will not bring those industries back to the obsolete facilities of the past.

Not that I ever liked NAFTA as it gives advantages to Canadian farmers on markets for our commodities. Canadian farmers need markets also but there is a better way to retaliate to China’s tariffs on our commodities, buy U.S. manufactured products and U.S. produced commodities. I hope we do not go back to the old programs of the past where FSA decides who farms and who does not.

There are those who believe this trade war will result in better markets for us. Markets lost will be hard to regain. Stop and think about lessons learned in the past. Tell Trump and his supporters to stay at home! Maybe we can ship our soybeans to Canada and they sell them to China.

Harold Rolfsrud, Bismarck