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Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors Highlights Strategies on the Adhesion Platform – Newsbug.info

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INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors offers several portfolio strategies on the Adhesion Wealth platform offered through TD Ameritrade.

Three of the five firms operating under Sheaff Brock Capital Management Group have strategies available on the Adhesion platform. Sheaff Brock offers equity portfolios that strive for growth or growth and income and are driven by value-based stock selections. Salzinger Sheaff Brock takes a conservative investment approach to develop well-balanced, diversified portfolios. Innovative Portfolios is a newly launched money management firm offering mutual funds that utilize option overlays with potential to increase income.

Sheaff Brock’s separately managed accounts on the Adhesion platform include Bulls of the Dow, IntelliBuilD® Growth, and Dividend Growth & Income. Managing Director David Gilreath serves as Chief Investment Officer. Bulls of the Dow strives for growth while seeking to offer dividend income. IntelliBuilD Growth focuses on capital growth from American growth stocks selected by Investor’s Business Daily in IBD-50 and New America. The Sheaff Brock Dividend Growth & Income portfolio seeks growing income and long-term growth of capital from U.S.-headquartered, dividend-paying companies.

Salzinger Sheaff Brock’s portfolio manager, Mark Salzinger, worked with the famed Louis Rukeyser providing unbiased investment guidance to investors for almost a decade. Salzinger Sheaff Brock’s portfolios are globally diversified and seek growth of capital, income, or a combination thereof over a market cycle: Growth portfolio, Growth & Income portfolio, and Conservative Balanced portfolio.

Innovative Portfolios offers two mutual funds, each with an option overlay that seeks to enhance the overall return of the portfolio by overlaying a put credit spread on the S&P 500 Index. David Gilreath, Chief Investment Officer, and JR Humphreys II serve as Portfolio Managers for the firm.

About Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors, LLC:
Sheaff Brock is an SEC-registered, fee-only independent investment firm focusing on innovative investment strategies that strive to enhance the portfolios of both growth- and income-oriented investors. The firm manages $957.7 million in assets nationwide as of 9/30/2019. Sheaff Brock principal David Gilreath contributes investment news to CNBC.com, Investopedia.com, Seeking Alpha, WealthManagement.com, and Physicians’ Money Digest. Visit sheaffbrock.com or Sheaff Brock YouTube for more information.

About Adhesion Wealth:
Adhesion Wealth is an open architecture managed account platform that delivers essential investment services to leading RIA custodians.