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Are you tired of the sloppiness in the Index futures? – Inside Futures

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Are you tired of the sloppiness in the Index futures?

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At TradeGuidance, we explore and give you the opportunity to trade a variety of instruments which includes select commodities outside the core commodities like Oil, Gold, Silver etc. In today’s post, we give you an example of the more technical markets and why there is an abundance of opportunity when you expand your trade horizon to other instruments that trade quite well in the CME and do not break the bank with data fees.

At TradeGuidance, we do just that – give you the opportunity to look at more technical setups presented by alernate markets if the indices have lately been choppy for your trading experience and style. The ES for example, in the recent days always trades between conflicting measured moves and trades in a 10 steps forward and 8 steps back style. The seasonality of our markets remain predominant. As a trader, you need to find opportunities in the markets without chasing red or green bars while trading the indices.

Write us a note at info@tradeguidance.com and ask us how to subscribe. For a mere $199/month (there are no trials), we deliver a multitude of alternate markets to you and assist you with trading profitably and consistently.

Here is our calls from the Globex into the Day Session today:


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Murali Sarma, Vice President of Business Integrations Inc., is an internationally known commodities analyst, author, trader and business consultant who has demystified commodity trading and introduced numerous futures trading strategies and indicators to traders – professional, non-professional and the novice trader – throughout the world. Murali began his trading career in the pre-dot-com bubble in 1998, electing to seek instruments to trade which had lesser volatility and offered more predictable analysis. From about 1999 to 2002, Murali traded out of the UK and moving to the US after that and working mostly independently with individual traders while learning from some of the best analysts and traders. While not being formally certified as a commodities trader, Murali preferred to hone in on his analysis and trading skills versus adding academically to his credentials. Murali believes that is isn’t about being right or wrong on your calls, it is about making money!

Murali has helped several traders become successful over the last 10+ years of active futures trading and has a strong following of traders who like to seek out opportunities in the futures markets on a daily basis versus following the old “buy & hold” investing adage. While not being opposed to switching hats and becoming an “investor” every so often with swing trades in the equities markets, Murali prefers to trade what he can see on charts using multiple timeframes and handcrafted indicators suited for all types of markets. Murali excels in trading sideways and choppy markets with a scalping style of being in-out of intraday markets when there is no defined trend, and on most other days prefers trading to his own computed target levels during the intraday timeframe, while following the trend.

In recent months, Murali has started a Twitter based alert service for intraday futures traders who like to trade commodities and index futures, and elected to blog post his daily analysis in commodities like WTI Crude & Gold and index future instruments like YM, NQ, ES & RTY. You may contact him via his email at info@tradeguidance.com