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Access World expands into multiple global commodities services to propel success – South China Morning Post

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As the largest source of demand for a wide range of commodities, China is a key growth driver in the commodities trade globally, especially in Asia-Pacific. Access World, a leading provider of specialised warehousing, logistics and trade finance-related services for the commodities industry, is primed to capture robust opportunities in the region.

“We understand the market and our customers, enabling us to deliver excellent and customised services. Our corporate culture and people support this endeavour,” says Gan Wan Pin, managing director for Asia-Pacific.

Previously known as Pacorini Metals, the leading London Metal Exchange warehousing firm changed its name to Access World to reflect its dynamic transformation. Its expanded services now involve multiple global commodities, with a particular focus on base metals, agricultural products, oil and gas and project cargoes.

The Swiss company’s regional headquarters based in Singapore oversees operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, a strategic growth area for Access World. The Singapore office also handles Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Access World operates across a large network in the region and makes long-term investments in strategic locations.

The company’s point-to-point services start with the movement of goods from production sites to storing, weighing, inspecting and eventually distributing the materials. Its integrated solutions extend to field warehousing services and trade-related services such as inventory management, conditional releases, customs clearance and freight arrangements. “Amid the rapidly changing trade dynamics, we are quick to respond and are flexible in coming up with tailored solutions for local and international customers,” Gan says.

Aiming to become the de facto service provider for commodities trading in the region, Access World seeks to build its pipeline of talents to propel its success.

“Innovation is all about people. We inculcate in our people a culture of openness, speaking up and nurturing new and better ideas,” Gan says. “We are in a business where reputation matters, and this is something we cherish and live by.”