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Commodities Daily Forecast – June 27, 2017 | FXEmpire.com – FX Empire

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The gold prices crashed yesterday on the back of a very large sell order that was pushed through to the markets within a few minutes. This forced the prices to move towards the 1240 region where it has found some support since then. This has helped the prices to bounce back towards the 1250 region and it remains to be seen how long it will be able to sustain this bounce. …Read More


Silver prices also crashed in line with the crash in the gold prices but have recovered very smartly to trade above $16.5 as of this writing. But the prices are bound to come under pressure in the short term and it will be interesting to see how long this bounce lasts. …Read More

WTI Crude Oil

The prices have recovered slightly and managed to edge back above $43 on fears of the conflict in the Middle East region escalating in the near future. This is likely to be the last chance for the bulls as the production and the inventory data continue to be negative for the oil prices. …Read More

Natural Gas

The prices opened higher for the day yesterday and continued moving up and up and closed the day on a very positive note. Much of this move was down to short covering and profit taking as many of the traders begin to realise that the trend is likely to change in the short and medium term. …Read More