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The 10 Best High-Yield Stocks to Buy Now – Investorplace.com

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The hunt for high-yield stocks continues, even after the Federal Reserve boosted interest rates again this week. While the prime rate keeps edging higher, bonds are taking their sweet time catching up in yield.

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Besides, you want to stay away from bonds, anyway. Rising interest rates will certainly help their yields, but that’s not going to offset the declines in price that they’re going to end up experiencing here sooner than later.

My thought? Look far, far beyond the bond market, especially if you’re looking for truly high yield.

Whether it’s individual equities, ETFs or even a couple other alternatives, the market is stuffed with high-yield stocks — some out in the open, others that take a bit of digging, all of which deliver between 5% to nearly 12% in dividends.

Here’s a look at all 10 dividend payers, suiting a number of different risk profiles, and some of which  are being considered for my new stock advisory newsletter, The Liberty Portfolio. In no particular order …

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