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5 Top Stocks to Buy in June – Investorplace.com

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We’re headed into the summer doldrums — a slow time of year for stocks to buy. It’s understandable, as long-term investors have other things floating around their minds, such as ball games, vacations, fishing and spending time with family.

5 Top Stocks to Buy in June
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Still, all things considered, the average June gain for the S&P 500 Index of just under 1% isn’t too shabby, even if it’s difficult to find the names that tend to lead the modestly bullish march.

To that end (though it took a lot more digging than usual), here’s a closer look at the top five stocks to buy for June. These are based on their historical returns this time of year, so it’s crucial to pay attention to industry- or company-specific news that could turn June upside down for even the more seasonally strong players.

That said, preference was given to companies that are below their typical trend, but look like they’re starting to play catch-up.

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